Fresh Start

The mission of the Fresh Start Program is to address and assist families in crisis and to bring lasting hope and security. We are here to provide life changing transformations by:

*Empowering & stabilizing families
*Providing emotional support
*Help with budgeting
*Spiritual guidance
*Assisting with providing shelter
*Helping with employment support

With our last Fresh Start project we assisted a family of five with shelter. The house was refurbished with the assistance of volunteers through painting, cleaning, drywall, trash removal, replacing cabinets & appliances. It was furnished and decorated for this family to feel comfortable while they resided in the home which gave them a "FRESH START" to get back onto their feet. 

We also need an extra push in order for us to achieve our goal of obtaining Temporary Housing for Veterans. We would appreciate any donations toward this effort so that we can help reduce the number of homeless veterans.  

Fresh Start is an on going project through PHCD with the expectation to assist as many families as we can while we have resources available. In order for us to make these projects successful we will need HELP from sponsors and donations to help us to PROVIDE housing/shelter for individuals who are homeless, or who is in need of emergency shelter.